Kinship Rules

Misadventurers Guidelines and Code of Conduct

In the process of creating the Misadventurers, we tossed the decision of creating well-based rules back and forth. In the end, we decided that simple guidelines function better as requirements for kin members. After all, we aren't babysitters, and the point of being in a kin is to have fun! However, if you wish to be a part of Misadventurers, the following guidelines are required. Should you not wish to follow these guidelines or have conflicting thoughts, you may want to pursue joining another kin.

Kinship Guidelines and Code of Conduct:

The Leadership is not always right; all opinions are heard when expressed at APPROPRIATE times.

Kin members are encouraged to attend kin events/raids whenever possible, and to add to and participate in the event. If you do not want to raid (ALOT) you most likely don't belong here. While we don’t require you to attend every raid it will only be to your benefit if you do so. We do ask that you make an effort to attend at least one raid per raiding cycle.

When you become a member of MA all of your toons, be they Mains or alts become members of MA. We do not allow for kin members to have toons in multiple kins, the exception being low level toons that are used for storage. If you are found to have a raid ready toon not in MA that is raiding outside of MA then your commitment to this kin is in question and most likely you will be removed from the kin.

Internal kin matters that cannot be solved between the parties WILL be solved by the leadership (you'll regret this more times than not) We are not babysitters and our word is binding.

When we run instances as a group loot priority is given to mains that will benefit the most from the drops and then passed to alts that could benefit. When we group together, be it instances or raiding, our goal is to ALWAYS better our mains which will in turn better our Kin and our raiding success. If you are running instances with kin we also ask that you be considerate towards each other. If you were a lucky roller and came away with a nice sparkly symbol or teal be kind and pass on same items on the next run. Once again our goal is to ALWAYS better our kin!

If scheduled raids are posted then members are NOT allowed to group outside the kin for these raids. At present all raids but Tower of Orthanc are open for members to raid outside of kin, however please check the forums often as kin may try to get a group together to do a kin run of one of the many other raids/skirms. Solo-glory and loot hunger are not acceptable reasons to choose non-kin runs over kin. Once again only certain raids are open to be pugged, check back here for stipulations. Currently Tower of Orthanc is the only KIN ONLY raid. This means that all mains and alts cannot raid Orthanc outside of the kin. We understand that you may want to gear up your alt to help with kin raiding, however you create more of a hindrance to the kin when you have an alt with locks that could have helped make our raid a success. We all have friends outside of our kin…well except for Keira! And we all understand that sometimes our friends may turn to us for help or guidance when they are faced with raiding problems, however we DO NOT share strats outside of our kin. Nor do we share our resources and plug-ins! We appreciate the challenge of finding out how things work as a kin and respect the fact that others can and should do the same. Sharing of strats or discussing our kin’s raiding techniques or success can be grounds for removal from the kin.

Lying, cheating, or scamming other players is not acceptable behavior and is a very quick way to be removed from the kin.

There will be no excuse for personal vendettas, grudges, or open bias between kin members; we are cross race, profession, color, creed, sexuality, and political direction. If you're not happy about someone tell them, if you're the one being told then be open to problem solving. (We tease everyone equally) We do not allow DRAMA to fester. Work it out with the person/people involved if possible. GOSSIP and DRAMA are silent killers (sometimes not so silent!) and the sure fire way to break a kin apart. Please please please if you have an issue go to the source, getting other people involved or talking behind each other’s backs is NOT the way to make things better. Your Officers are here to help you when you have exhausted every attempt to solve the problem yourself.

Treat fellow gamers and kinnies with respect at all times. (Including the leadership we respect you and we expect the same.)

Communication is "KEY" to a successful kin, if you feel that you are not being heard then speak louder. We all know that Bossman isn’t so great about responding to tells, pm and mails but Boss lady is so please make use of the forums when issues arise.

All inter-kin communication should be through leadership or those specifically directed by leadership.

Your kin is your family, it'll risk its neck to save yours, and you are to risk yours for it. This kin strives to be generous and fair to its members, we expect for you to treat each other in kind.

Kin crafters are not slaves, they help equip us and our raids so you should be sure to repay them. Kin crafters may at their discretion determine if they can meet any requests for materials. We may from time to time ask kin to help gather resources when new content/recipes become available. This is just another example of us working together to help make our raids a success.

Be aware of your attitude in game, and on the official forums, AKA "don't embarrass the kin" we want to have a positive (professional) image as much as possible.

Remember we are a hardcore kin, if you have to disappear let someone know, or post up on the forums (forums are better) Also, if that means we all have to die repeatedly to achieve greater goals, so be it.

Kin Guidelines are subject to change, but most likely won't.

You must read the Guidelines.

We encourage regular use of the forums, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc.. TS is required for raids, even if you're just listening. The forums are used for raid sign-ups as well so please check them often!

We are an EST/CST guild that intends to play prime time, evenings 6PM-2AM, your playtime must fall somewhere between these hours.

DKP And Looting System

The loot system:

"How the Kin Defines Need"

Need is defined as being able and willing to equip the item the minute it is dropped to strengthen the group, if you do not intend to wear it the minute you roll and win, it is considered a greed roll, if you do not wish to greed then the object is a pass. In the event that need/greed/pass is the loot rule then: All teal items while grouped with kin (unless stated otherwise) will be passed, then we will discuss among the group who should get the item, failure to abide by this rule while grouped with Kin could result in dismissal from the kinship. When grouped outside of kin feel free to establish your own loot rules, and what works for you best, however we "HIGHLY" encourage that you practice the kins loot rules while grouped to avoid accidental slip ups. We all like loot and you should to, but this is how we do things here. Reminder: When we run instances as a group loot priority is given to mains that will benefit the most from the drops and then passed to alts that could benefit. When we group together, be it instances or raiding, our goal is to ALWAYS better our mains which will in turn better our Kin and our raiding success. If you are running instances with kin we also ask that you be considerate towards each other. If you were a lucky roller and came away with a nice sparkly symbol or teal be kind and pass on same items on the next run. Once again our goal is to ALWAYS better our kin!

Raid Looting:

All raids are Master-Looted…unless the raid leader forgets In the event that ML is not set; all Teal items are PASSED on, trash loot is greeded except quest items, tanks roll need on all trash loot (yellow armor etc.. stuff that isn't considered quest drops or non class specific drops) This is to help offset the repair bill that tanks acquire while on a raid, this option is non-negotiable unless you wish to give each tank 100 silver at the beginning of the raid. All bosses will be master looted and the kin leader will decide which class best benefits from the item depending on the drop, from there DKP will then be used to determine who will have first dibs on the item(s). These loot rules can vary from raid to raid, but if any change is implemented they will be announced at the start of the raid.

Determining Value and Earning DKP:

Each raid will be worth X amount of points depending on the 1) loot dropped, 2) the people necessary for the raid and 3) any modifiers for the encounter (i.e. First kill, Keira dying, raid duration). That total is then divided into the participating members. DKP at this time is player based.

Example: We slayed Erwig (I hate that mob!) and he dropped "Vibrohilt" and a piece of armor. Vibrohilt and the armor are his common drops so there is no modifier for the loot. The “Erwig” requires a standard raid of 30 and we pillage his ass daily so no special modifiers. 30 people needed and no modifiers means that each item is worth 30 points, making the raid worth 60 total points. 20 of us showed up to raid, 60/20 = 3. Everyone there gets 3 points.

Eligibility and Winning Loot:

DKP is usually used to determine who will win items that are dropped. We do have a raid attendance policy that is also used in consideration of who qualifies for loot drops. You must raid consecutively for two weeks in order to be eligible for raid loot. Please note that if an item drops that the raid leader has determined would benefit a certain class then that item will be offered to the player with the highest DKP of that class first.

Raid Symbol Drops:

Second-Age symbols that drop in the raids are ./rolled and do not cost nor earn any DKP for the raid. First-Age symbols that drop are collected by the raid leader and are currently being passed out throughout the ACTIVE raiders so that we can help our raids to be successful. Once every ACTIVE raiding kin member receives a First-Age weapon/item we will then discuss how we will handle FA Symbol drops.


Gear that goes unlooted because no one bids will be given to the kin bank or to the tanks to help cover repairs.

Raid Attendance & Toon Traits/Gear

All raid sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis with class make up playing a factor. As stated before, you are not required to go on every raid but we do ask that you try to attend at least one raid in a raiding cycle. Our Raid Cycle is Friday-Wednesday. If you sign-up to raid and are a no show on more than one occasion then you will no longer be given priority in raid sign-ups regardless of when you post. If for any reason you cannot make a raid that you are scheduled to be on, please post at your earliest convenience so that we may find a replacement. Just remember that when you sign-up for a raid we are all depending on you to be there, so please try your best to follow through on that commitment!

We understand that each person has preferences for how they would like to gear up and trait their toons however, when it comes to raiding we may at times require you to gear up or trait your toon in a way to best benefit the raid. If you have solid arguments for why you would rather not retrait we will be open to hearing them but please keep in mind that if the raid leader requires you to retrait we expect you to do so.

Recruits and Raiding

All recruits are on a 60 day trial. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for them and that they are a good fit for us. During this time recruits are encouraged to raid and participate/fellow with group members. In order to be eligible for loot you must complete a full raid and then your name will be added to the DKP list for future raid drops. During the 60 day trial recruits might not become eligible for loot but they will be able to earn DKP. Recruits are placed at the bottom of the DKP list and will be given priority based on their earned DKP for items that have been passed by all Mains and Alts in the raid.

These guidelines are subject to change, but kin members will be notified of the change before it happens. Also if anyone has any suggestions that will help improve the system PM Keira or Bereth on the forums.